Quoi - The Tanner

Quoi is the leatherworking goblin at the camp near Gruumsh's portal.


Craft (Leather Working): 8 (He crafts at a 20 when all of his bonuses are added and he takes a 10 for crafting).

*Players who bring Quoi a skin are credited 10 gold to their ‘account’.

*Quoi can create 20 gold worth of leather material every week.
*His current goal is to make at least one piece of leather armor for every orc, goblin, and hobgoblin in the camp.
*He is skilled enough to make masterwork leather items, but PC’s will have to convince him that he needs to spend the 7 weeks for the masterwork quality when he could be outfitting 14 orcs in that same time frame. PC’s can convince him by bringing him multiple skins for him to work with.


Quoi - The Tanner

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